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Harold Clayton Lloyd

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July 7th, 2007

08:49 pm - Official Site
The official Harold Lloyd site is finally up after several years of being abandoned.


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June 24th, 2007

07:21 pm - TCM Monday, June 25th
6am - Grandma's Boy
7:15am - Movie Crazy

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June 6th, 2007

04:22 pm - Here's another one.

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02:59 am
Decided to make a lil gif of harold, just for the heck of it...actually we're talking about him in my film history class right now so it inspired me a little.

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April 22nd, 2007

10:48 am
Two HL showings in a week on TCM. Catch more tonight:

Silent Sunday Night

12am: A Sailor-Made Man
1am: Get Out and Get Under

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April 20th, 2007

12:31 am - Birthday
Happy Birthday to HL!

TCM Tribute

6am - An Eastern Westerner
6:30am - Haunted Spooks
7am - Number Please
7:30am - Safety Last
8:45am - The Freshman

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January 28th, 2007

10:18 am - Mini Marathon on Tonight

11:30pm Never Weaken (1921)
12:00am Kid Brother, The (1927)
1:30am Number, Please? (1920)

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October 11th, 2006

09:32 am - LA folks!
I just saw the website for the Silent Movie Theater in the Fairfax District and there are two Harold Lloyd films sheduled to show so far.
Number Please and Haunted Spooks!

Check it out!
The Silent Movie Theater.
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September 5th, 2006

02:23 pm - Harold Lloyd: The Ultimate Romantic
Poll #814516 Harlold Lloyd

Most Romantic Harlold Lloyd Moment?

Beating up the bad guy with a sudden burst of strength in Why Worry?
Breaking her heart to save her (the phony breakup) in Girl Shy
Climbing the tree to keep her in view in The Kid Brother
Practically drowning a costar to save his love in Movie Crazy
Laying that 'William Holden' kiss on his leading lady in The Sin of Harold Diddlebock

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August 22nd, 2006

06:36 pm - HL Mat
Here is an 8x10 Mat that I made. I am in search of a better portrait though. But for now, this one will do.

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