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Harold Clayton Lloyd

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April 20th, 2009

06:58 pm - Happy Birthday Harold Lloyd!
I celebrated Lloyd's birthday on Saturday by going to the town of his birth, Burchard, NE.  It's a little more than a 2 hour drive from my home in Omaha.

Burchard is a tiny town of 103 people (it used to be bigger and even have a High School), but they have been doing a wonderful job of keeping up the house he was born in.  It used to be rotting away with a tree growing through the front porch, but they've really fixed it up nice.  But they also have to pay to keep it mowed, painted, and have the utilities paid, so the money raised by the party went for the upkeep of the house.

Anyway, the party was organized by Nikki McKim and Cohen Phillips, who did a wonderful job.  There was cake and hot dogs and then some of Lloyd's shorts were shown after it got dark.  The shorts were 'The Non-Stop Kid' (1918), 'Two Gun Gussie' (1918), 'I'm on My Way' (1919), 'Ring Up the Curtain' (1919), and 'Don't Shove' (1919).

A special treat was a group of fourth graders who came 2 1/2 hours to be there.  They had learned about Harold Lloyd from a book, 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret', and researched him and watched his movies as a class.  They all came to the party in straw hats, horned rimmed glasses, and Harold Lloyd shirts.  The shirts had the shot of Lloyd on the front where his hair is standing on end, and the back had their individual picture dressed like him with their hair standing on end.  Anyway it was great to see them all excited about Harold Lloyd and his work, especially when my husband's high school students complaign about having to watch 'The Princess Bride' because it's old.

Anyway, a few of the pictures I took can be found here.

Oh, and one of my co-workers called me from home while she was on her lunch to ask if Harold Lloyd was the person I went to the party for.  She wanted to let me know she was watching him on TCM right then and was having trouble tearing herself away to come back to work.  Cheers!

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06:07 pm
I'm sad to see nobody made a post today D: But anyway..

Happy Birthday Harold! ♥

I did two of the things I planned. I sat around all day and watched his movies and I also made a cake. It's not amazing looking (though my friend Kelsey loves it :U) since my kitchen was very warm and the icing decided it wanted to melt ;_; But I still like it. Here it is:

Enjoy the rest of the (chilly and rainy here in PA ;;) day!

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April 5th, 2009

08:45 pm - TCM schedule and Harold's birthday..
April 20th

6:00 AM - High and Dizzy
6:30 AM - Never Weaken
7:15 AM - Girl Shy
8:45 AM - For Heaven's Sake
9:45 AM - Feet First
11:30 AM - Movie Crazy
1:15 PM - The Cat's Paw
3:00 PM - The Milky Way
4:30 PM - Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy
6:15 PM - Harold Lloyd's Funny Side of Life

May 9th

6:00 AM - The Cat's Paw

May 24th

12:30 AM - A Sailor-Made Man

June 1st

11:00 AM - The Milky Way

June 10th

4:00 AM - The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock


Any plans for Harold's Birthday? :D

Aside from getting a small tattoo sometime within the next two weeks, I'm going to make a birthday cake and lounge around all day watching Harold :B

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March 22nd, 2009

09:19 am
Hi guys :D

I just realized this community existed (sort of D:), but I've been a Harold fan for a little over a year now. I thought I would come say hello, and see if anyone is still here.

I have nothing interesting to post at the moment, just saying hello!

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March 11th, 2008

10:03 pm - This Saturday
TCM - Movie Crazy Mar 15, 09:45PM

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September 21st, 2007

03:14 am - Collectors about?
I need to be rid of a few things I have in my collection and was wondering if anyone was interested in an original 1925 Russell Holman novella to The Freshman. I bought it at auction years ago, and its in very good condition, with a little bining wear and page discoloration. It looks pretty much like the photo included. Alas, it does not have the dust jacket.

I'm asking $25, plus shipping, which is less than I paid for it. Any takers are welcomed to email me. I accept paypal (lolasenvy@livejournal.com) or money orders.

Thanks for looking guys!
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September 7th, 2007

12:58 am - By the Sad Sea Waves (1917)

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August 16th, 2007

09:53 pm - Harold Lloyd in The Flirt (1917)

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July 17th, 2007

11:10 pm - The Milky Way (1936)
July 23rd on TCM

Sunflower Dairy milkman Burleigh Sullivan, a failure in his job, rescues his sister Mae from two drunken boxers one night in front of a nightclub. Using a technique he developed as a child, Burleigh ducks when Spider Schultz swings at him, and Speed McFarland, a middleweight champion who is standing behind Spider, is knocked out.


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July 14th, 2007

09:35 pm - Why Worry? (1923)
Tonight on TCM 1:00AM Central Time.

Wealthy young hypochondriac Harold Van Pelham visits a South American "island of paradise" and encounters a revolution which he believes is staged for his entertainment. Van Pelham enlists the help of Colosso, a giant bodyguard, when he sees that the revolt is genuine; and together they defend themselves against the revolutionaries.

After quelling the revolution and receiving the ministration of his charming nurse, Van Pelham discovers he has exchanged his imaginary illnesses for a real sweetheart.

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